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  1. Phil Canavan

    Update 0.2

    What's Works Connection to your Xbox Live account Display page for gamerscore leaderboard, ranking in gamerscore total Link to members game page Shows Gamerscore compeltion of each game played Shows amount of achievements unlock within a game Clips & Screenshots now implemented Games played...
  2. Phil Canavan

    Update 0.1

    I have spoken to the guys behind OpenXBL and they have give me permission for this* OpenXBL For XF2.1 What started as a project getting it working for my site grew to accomodate all those looking for an Xbox Leaderboard. I still run XF2.1 hence why it was made to work with that. With help...
  3. Phil Canavan

    Xbox Leaderboard BETA

    There also seems to be odd issue with connected account. Please try as sometimes it works on 4th/5th attempt
  4. Phil Canavan

    Xbox Leaderboard BETA

    Clicking on gamertags within the leaderboard will take you to that persons list to show you what they have played since connecting their account. Bare in mind that resyncing your account so your gamerscore updates may clear the list.
  5. Phil Canavan

    Xbox Leaderboard BETA

    Please note that there is no automatic syncing with the leaderboard. Until that is in place, to update your gamerscore you need to remove your connected account and re-add it.
  6. Phil Canavan

    Xbox Leaderboard BETA

    This is currently in BETA testing and you'll notice a few changes as time goes on to include more things but link your account and it'll shows your gamerscore and rank by who has the most.
  7. Phil Canavan

    Your Gpu?

    How long you have it for? My GTX 1060 is 8 years old now. Still get quite a few games from it. It's just more powerful than my CPU which holds me back.
  8. Phil Canavan

    Steam Leaderboard

    The Steam Leaderboard ia up and running. This isn't your standard user ranked as that would be hard as not every game has trophies and level system is unfair if you missed previous big events. This leaderboard ranks the games we play according to the total playtime so we can see what is the...
  9. Phil Canavan

    Do you use joystick ?

    I can't game on the keyboard/mouse. I mean yes I do for Football Manager but Rocket League for example...that's Xbox or PS controller.
  10. Phil Canavan

    Will you upgrade to Win 11?

    Windows 11 is rumoured to need more power to run than Windows 10 does. Not sure if that's because it's rough around the edges or not. I'll get it especially with it being a free upgrade.
  11. Phil Canavan

    Your storage size?

    250GB SSD - holds Windows. This was a replacement due to previous 8year old SSD failing. 1TB HDD - While normal documents go on SSD, game installations and big files go here
  12. Phil Canavan

    Starting From Fresh

    Hi everyone, After some issues with an add-on that caused the forum to self implode, I have had to recreate everything from scratch :( You will notice many changes over next few days as I try to repair what I can. Thank You!