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  1. jason

    Your Gpu?

    I have Zotac 1050 which recently died :( and i am hunting for a new gpu now. Not a hardcore gamer but i do play games for fun so basic GPU is my need now.
  2. jason

    Do you use joystick ?

    Okay i feel very comfortable using keyword to play games.
  3. jason

    Will you upgrade to Win 11?

    Yes i read the same i needs more power and specs which many won't be able to. Let's see whether they bring a lite version of Windows 11
  4. jason

    Do you use joystick ?

    Do you use Joystick to play in PC or just the keyboard? I use keyboard for gaming when i play football i use joystick
  5. jason

    Your storage size?

    I own a 160GB HDD and 120 GB SSD. OS is in SSD and it boots super fast. And i use HDD for storing data and other things
  6. jason

    Will you upgrade to Win 11?

    Many hesitated to upgrade from Windows 7 to Window 10. Will this happen again with Windows 11?